Terima Kasih Daun Keladi, Lain Kali Datang Lagi ^_^

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It's been a longggggg time. I know, I know. Anyone missed me? (macam lah ada orang nak baca blog tak berilmiah macam ni) Been busy for the past few months. It was stressful. 

There was a lot going on.
Just wanted to share recent event jelah yer,,,

So during my end block holiday, which was about 2 weeks ago, I finished my orthopedic posting! Yeay! It was the most stressful yet enjoyable posting. Posting ini lah yang paling banyak inner thought jahat yang datang suruh give up amik medic... Trust me! Nak give up sangat-sangat, But there were friends, seniors, mentors and even patients yang Allah hadirkan, untuk ingatkan don't give up!

 Lucky, I passed. Padahal screwed up the long and short case. Case write up pun entah apa-apa. Yang paling tak tahan, macam mana lah boleh mixed up the antibiotics. The broad spectrum I said for gram positive and vice versa. I got nervous since I irritate Mr N with my diagnosis. I said it was Diabetic Foot Ulcers, though the history pointed towards Necrotising Fascitis... Since the case was a chronic case, that's why I said DFU, but he insisted the case as NF, and I got panic. I remembered few times I mumbled and the only thing came out from my mouth was "Astaghfirullah" when he asked further questions regarding management sebab panic sangat!! Tapi, benda dah lepas kan.

Oooh ye and my short case was challenging as well. During class, Mr A pernah cakap, "We can give you anything during exam, even EMPTY BED." Masa tu fikir, no way lah bagi empty bed. Patient berlambak-lambak dalam ward, takkan bagi empty bed je short case.

Guess what, my short case was real EMPTY BED with no patient. The question by Mr Ariff was, "Describe this bed."

Mak aih!! Nak terjelepok jatuh tahu! Malangnyaaa nasib, Ingatkan dongeng je cerita-cerita doktor nak bagi katil kosong as soalan exam. 

And it was not the ordinary orthopedic bed. It got many handles and rings and bars... Nasib baiklah Mr Ariff bagi back up patient lain with Below Knee POP. Itupun gagap nak jawab.

 Next time, as Prof Khairidzan said, "Keep yourself calm, cool and collected." 

And Alhamdulillah, passed. Rahmat Allah. :)

Actually nak cerita benda lain sebenarnya. 

Tapi malas dah nak type....

By the way, I'm in Ophthalmology posting right now. 2 minggu je. And kerja kitaorang memang memburu optic disc patient and as well as run the clinic. Quite fun :)

p/s: Teruk banjir tahun ini. Selamat megninsafi diri dan it's not to late to pray and give them help!


  1. Alaaa dia ni nampak aje.. comment pasal grammar/spelling je sokmo..

    Anyway, thank you :)